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Welcome to the InnoCentive Learning and Collaboration Community – built for and managed by you – the Solvers.

Join over 500,000 solvers in the world’s greatest innovation community:

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Solvers are changing the world for the better right now

You can now collaborate with and share your experience of problem solving with fellow Solvers. Helping you and them to meet some of the greatest challenges the world is facing today.

Become a member of the InnoCentive Learning and Collaboration Community if:

  • You are new to Open Innovation and crowdsourcing and looking for help to get started with best practices for submitting a winning solution
  • You are a Super Solver looking to share your experiences and help the next generation of Solvers get started with changing the world one solution at a time
  • You are in need of collaborators to provide missing expertise to solve an open Challenge
  • You believe in the power of the crowd and want to help it grow

As a member of the community you can:

  • Meet the Community of Solvers - highlight your interests, skills, and expertise to identify potential collaboration partners – let the community know you are open to invitations to join a team or that you are seeking collaborators for your own team
  • Ask a question or share your knowledge – we all benefit when we encourage and develop our skills together
  • Identify potential Challenges to tackle the bigger social issues affecting us today – together we can work collaboratively to identify sponsors to begin solving these challenges one solution at a time
  • Give us feedback on the platform, the community, the Challenges so we can continue to build a better experience for our Solver.

If you’re new to InnoCentive and haven’t yet registered as a Solver you can do so here