Customer Stories

Considering open innovation but not sure how it could work for you? Want to discover how Challenge Driven Innovation works in practice? Hear from Seekers (companies) and Solvers (our smart crowd) that have been in your shoes and achieved great success.

How the Open Innovation Marketplace Works

Want to find out how open innovation could help you to innovate faster and at a greater scale? Interested in learning about our Challenge Driven Innovation process and our global innovation crowd? Discover how the open innovation marketplace can work for you.

Why Our Open Approach Works

Many people are intrigued by open innovation but are not sure how it could benefit their organisation. What are the benefits of tapping into knowledge and expertise outside of your company? And how does it work? Find out how open innovation enables us to work smarter.

Types of Challenges

Ideation? Theoretical? Reduction to Practice? What does it mean? Find out how creating the right type of Challenge is crucial to the Challenge design process and how they meet unique organizational requirements, as well as attract Solvers to the Challenge.

Guides, Webinars, Podcasts & More

Download our open innovation resources, including white papers, eBooks and guides, to get advice and guidance on how to embrace open innovation in your organisation…

Blogs and News

Interested in meeting fellow InnoCentive Solvers? Want to read their stories and be inspired on how you can make a difference as part of a global crowd? From advancing ALS research to solving Challenges for NASA, meet our diverse community of Solvers and be fascinated by their stories.


These frequently asked questions can help Seekers, who are looking for information on how to register and submit solutions; and Solvers (organisations) that want to know how to access their InnoCentive account and submitted solutions.