How the Open Innovation Marketplace Works

The Open Innovation Marketplace has three key components

  • An organisation with a problem – Seekers
  • Our Challenge Design Consultants who help seekers identify and define the problem so it can be understood and solved quickly by…
  • Our 500,000+ strong smart crowd – Solvers

How it works for Seekers

Workshop to explore and identify viable problems
We formulate into Challenges
10 - 30 days
We consider IP treatment and provide Solver agreements
We launch and prototype Challenge/s
30 - 90 days
We facilitate Solver Q&As
We evaluate Solutions
30 - 60 days
We verify Solution/s and Award Solver/s
80% success rate delivering Problem to Solution in 2-6 months!

Our Open Innovation Marketplace is the world’s biggest innovation community of Solvers, with expertise in areas as diverse as business, technology, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, statistics, food and crop science and much more. They’re located around the world, and are typically educated to Masters level or above.

You don't have to assess job applications or resumes. You don't have to search the globe to find Solvers yourself. You can post your toughest challenges, in the form of prize-based competitions, to our global network of Solvers. This is Challenge Driven InnovationTM at work.

The power of the crowd

  • The world’s biggest innovation community of 500,000+ expert problem solvers
  • Fast access to ideas that can become solutions to your business problems
  • Cost-effective approach
  • Possible to take you in new directions, with the opportunity for other income streams
  • Well-honed process means we’ll present you with solutions in a useable way

Unbeatable Results

  • 80% Challenge success rate
  • A proven open innovation ROI of 182% in under 2-months
  • Open Innovation is 10x cheaper and 4x faster than traditional methods
  • This is why companies like NASA, DARPA, Enel, AstraZeneca, and Novartis choose our Open Innovation Marketplace

How it works for Solvers

Register as a Solver
View potential Challenges
Accept Challenge Terms
Work on Solution individually or collaborate
Submit Solution
Win Award
Solve some of the world's greatest problems plus over $60M in Solver awards granted already
  • Visit our Challenge Center and find an open Challenge you think you can tackle.
  • Login or register to see the full details of the Challenge and open a Project Room. You will also need to accept the Challenge Specific Agreement (CSA) and our Terms of Use. Find out more about CSAs here.
  • Develop your solution. The required deliverables will be specified in the Challenge description and can range from written proposals to prototypes. If you have any questions, you can message the InnoCentive team via your Project Room.
  • Submit your solution before the Challenge deadline. Only InnoCentive and the Seeker for that Challenge can view your solution.
  • After the Challenge deadline, the Seeker will evaluate your submission. Once this stage is completed, you will be notified via email as to whether or not your submission has been selected for an award. For Theoretical and RTP Challenges, you will also receive feedback on your submission from the Seeker.